With the changing seasons and changing times, you should consider changing your Gmail background! It can help relieve the boredom of replying to emails and should help you get in the mood for Spring or Summer. With hundreds of images to choose from, you should definitely consider trying other image backgrounds for your Gmail Inbox. It’s quick and simple to do, all you have to do is follow the steps below. Let’s begin!

Open your browser. You can open it through the Start Menu or your Taskbar. It is easiest to find your browser on your Desktop, as shown in the image below. Just double-click on the icon.


Open www.mail.google.com and sign in. Make sure to fill out your password and email correctly, by paying particular attention to them. Make sure that caps lock isn’t turned on!

Once you have signed in, you will be brought to your Gmail Inbox. Click on the wheel icon in the top right corner of your Inbox (see image below). Then once you’ve clicked on it, click on “themes” which is on the dropdown menu towards the end.



A page wide menu window should open, including a variety of great images. Browse through the many images. Make sure to scroll down and view all of the available images! There sure are plenty, but that gives you a lot of choice.


When you see an image that you like, click on it.

Tomorrow, we’re going to check out ways to add special effects to those background images to customize the look of your inbox.