Facebook: Is This For Real?

A notice from Facebook saying that your account is disabled is scary. But how do you know if it is real? A reader isn’t sure: “I thought I got hacked on FB, but FB said they (if it’s really them) that they disabled my account. ( Didn’t  say why) Now they want me to email them one specific picture ID and a copy of my birth certificate and Social Security number. I never had to provide this info when I signed up years ago for FB.

Is this for real? How do I even know if it’s FB? I have’t sent (emailed) this info because I don’t think it should be necessary just so I can post on FB and my own account. What gives? Please help me Cynthia. I’m probably not the only one this has happened to and certainly don’t want this personal information given the FB or anyone else. Can you find out if FB does this Cynthia?”

Sometimes Facebook will lock an account they believe has been hacked or is fake. And they’ve even been known to to ask for visual proof of who you are. You can use your driver’s license or Social Security card or birth certificate to verify who you are. But you certainly don’t need to supply all of that information.

Below you’ll see the types of ID that Facebook requires. Note that they ask you to cover up any information like Social Security numbers or credit cards numbers if you send them a picture of your ID.


Here is the actual link where you need to go to confirm your identify with Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/319547548123767

These requests usually happen because something about your account looks suspicious or because someone has reported it as a fake account.


One way to avoid this problem is to make sure your Facebook account is linked with a mobile number where they can text you to confirm your identity if there’s any question about your account.  In that case, you’ll just receive a text. I had an issue a few weeks back where someone tried to log into my Facebook account from Florida. Facebook sent me a text and I was able to reply with a code to confirm that it wasn’t me and to request a password reset.

For those who don’t already have that set up, click the little white arrow to right of the lock icon on your FB page and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Then click Mobile on the left.


In the Window to the right, you’ll be able to add a phone number.


Hope this helps get you back on Facebook.

~ Cynthia

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