In The News 02-12-15

Microsoft Buys SwiftKey

Microsoft has snapped up SwiftKey, the company behind the popular Android and iOS keyboard software that allow you to “draw” on the keyboard for quicker typing. SwiftKey uses artificial intelligence to predict what you’re going to type next and that’s what drew the attention of Microsoft.


In a blog post, MS VP Harry Shum said, “In this cloud-first, mobile-first world, SwiftKey’s technology aligns with our vision for more personal computing experiences that anticipate our needs versus responding to our commands.”

No official work from Microsoft on what the company paid, but those in the know say around $250 million.

Evernote Shuts Marketplace

The folks behind the popular productivity app Evernote are closing down the part of their business that focused on selling physical products.  Hoping to corner the note-taking market outside of cyberspace, the company sold items like Moleskine notebooks, Jot Script styluses and even 20,000 ScanSnap Evernote Edition scanners as well as items like backpacks and socks.


Now the company says it’s shutting down its market and putting its focus back on software. The company has struggled recently cutting jobs and closing some of its offices around the world.

Ebay Won’t Fix Flaw

Ebay is declining to fix a flaw that security firm Check Point calls a “severe” issue. Check Point says that a sever vulnerability in eBay’s online sales platform would allow attackers to remotely execute malicious Java script code that could steal data from the users PC.  Crooks could set up legitimate auction pages and then use them to execute remote code when buyers click on them.


Check Point informed eBay about the flaw back in December of 2015, but eBay told Check Point that they have no plans yet to patch this flaw.

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