Yesterday, we told you about Adblocker Plus and the plan by its developer to come up with uniform standards for acceptable ads that would be allowed through their ad blocking software. So what criteria does the company use to determine just which ads are acceptable? Lets take a a look at their guidelines.

First is Placement.  Adblocker Plus say the ads must no disrupt the user’s normal reading flows. So they need to be on the top, below or to the side of the page’s content. They use the graphic below to illustrate:


The ads need to be clearly recognizable as ads and also labeled as ads in some way.


Size matters when it comes to the ads. If they’re above the content, they shouldn’t be taller that 200 pixels. If they’re on the side, they shouldn’t be wider than 350, and if they’re at the bottom, the maximum height should be 400 pixel and always leave enough room on the viewing screen to see the content of the page depending on the device you’re using to view it on. Ads should not occupy more than 15% of the visible screen above the fold and not more than 25% of the screen total.


Other criteria include no excessive use of color or other attention-grabbing elements in text ads.

Animated ads are not considered acceptable, not are ads that autoplay sound or video. Pop-ups and pop-unders an a no-no and pre-roll video ads aren’t permitted either.

Websites can also pay a fee to Adblocker Plus to have their content “white listed,” which means it will be deemed as acceptable. Google and Amazon are among the companies known to have paid this fee.

Adblocker says it only charges the 10% of those who are white listed and that they only charge fees to large companies.

What do you think of these criteria for acceptable ads? What would your rules be? Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia