Can I Run Safari Without Windows?

Lamar has a question about the Safari browser. “With each news(chaos)release from Microsoft I become more disgusted with Microsoft/Windows. I got a new laptop with 8.1 less than a year ago. Is there a way I can run Apple Safari on it without using a Windows OS or must I buy a new Apple PC?? I downloaded Safari yesterday but don’t want Safari to be the default browser; prefer to alternate it with Firefox. What should I do?”


Lamar, you can’t run a browser without an operating system. So if you don’t want to use Windows as your OS, you could always install a Linux-based operating system  and run both Safari and Firefox in that OS.  But your won’t be able to run Windows programs unless you install an emulator, and even then you won’t necessarily be able to run them all. Getting used to a Linux-based system might take some time.


You could also take the free upgrade to Windows 10 to see if you like it better than Windows 8.1.  It is free, and if you don’t care for it, you’re no worse off that you were before.

As far as buying an Apple computer, I wonder if that isn’t really an unnecessary expense for you. If all you’re really concerned about is accessing the web & e-mail, consider switching to an Android tablet, Windows tablet or iPad.


You can find an Android tablet for less than $100 and an iPad mini is far less expensive than an Apple PC.  You may also be able to accomplish web-browsing and e-mail on a smartphone without any need for a laptop or tablet at all, unless you prefer the larger screen size.

~ Cynthia

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