Audacity (And Other Programs) In 8.1

Cruz from Florida is experiencing frustration with his new 8.1 upgrade.  He writes “Just got a new HP Envy windows 8.  Downloaded audacity after watching your video on you tube…was working great until my friend came for a visit and recommended i install windows 8.1 , now audacity stop recording.  Microphone checks ok….is audacity compatible with windows 8.1?…if no, is there a version compatible with windows 8.1…. prior to downloading windows 8.1 i did a recording with no problem. any advice will be appreciated thks.”


Hi, Cruz.  Thanks for the great question.

The short answer is “Yes, Audacity is compatible with all versions of Windows so far released”.  I’m using it daily on my HP Envy laptop with Windows 10.  Without snooping around in your directories, the only reasons I can think of for Audacity to stop working are 1) You did a clean install, in which case it would have disappeared completely (along with all of your other programs) or 2) your Audacity program got corrupted somehow during the upgrade process, which you can fix with a re-install of Audacity.


But that leads me to another point regarding freeware.

I use a LOT of freeware.  There are a lot of great free programs out there (like Audacity) and I have no shame in taking advantage of it.  Some of these programmers are right on top of tweaking their programs quickly to work with new versions of Windows.  So it might be to your benefit to just get in the habit of reinstalling all of your freeware when you upgrade your Windows OS.  That way, you’ve always got the best version of the program to work with your new OS.

I hope that this helps!

~ Randal Schaffer

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