In The News 02-19-16

More Drones Than Airplanes

We told you last year that the government was going to start requiring users of drones to register them with the FAA.  Users have complied in droves with more than 325,000 of the flying robots registered so far.

That adds up to more registered drones than aircraft, since only 320,000 aircraft are registered with the FAA.


Drone users have until February 19 to register their craft or they can face large fines. And that includes teenagers just flying the devices for fun.

Serious Flaw Found In Smart Thermostat

Security site Talos (a division of tech giant Cisco) warned about a serious security flaw in a popular smart home thermostat.


According to a blog post, the Trane ComfortLink II thermostats have a serious vulnerability. Talos says that nearly two years ago, they alerted Trane to three issues that could allow attackers to gain access and execute code on thermostats and then use them to execute other malicious actions. By spring of 2015, two of the issues were patched, but the most serious vulnerability doesn’t seem to have been patched until the release of a firmware update in late January. Talos cautioned anyone with the thermostat to update the firmware immediately.

Twitter Placing Video Ads At The Top Of Feeds

Twitter is adding video commercials to your Twitter feed. The way they phrased it was to describe it as “an engaging and highly visible way to share your brand story with compelling video creative across Twitter’s massive audience.”


Which means that a video commercial will be placed at the top of your feed. The commercial will sit between your first and third tweet for 24 hours. Despite its popularity, the social media service has struggled with monetizing the service and this may be a big step towards making Twitter pay.

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