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If you are going on vacation and you want email senders to know that you might not be available to answer for a few days, you need to create an automatic response. This is very simple to do and it will greatly help people who try to contact you. At least they will know that you are unable to answer and that they will receive an answer in the next week or so.

To create your very own automatic response, just follow the steps below. Note that this applies to Yahoo Mail only.

First, open your browser.


Log into Yahoo Mail by typing into your browser. Your log-in page will appear. Type in your email and password, and then click “Sign In”.


You will be brought to your Inbox with all your emails. Click on the wheel in the top right corner. It is in the shape of a cog/wheel and it’s in the top right corner. Then, a dropdown menu will appear. Click on “Settings” and then a dialog box will open up, replacing your inbox.


. In the Settings dialog box, you will have a variety of options down along the left hand side. Click on “Vacation Response” for the U.S. or “Holiday Response” for the UK, Ireland and most other English-speaking countries. It is about halfway through the list. This will make sure that you open up the holiday response settings window. There, you can edit and create automatic responses for specific dates.


The holiday response settings are now at your convenience!

Firstly, select the dates that you want your automatic response to be sent. If you are going for a holiday in July, you can create it for the future (the next few months from now) if you wish.


If you want to always have an automatic response when someone contacts you, you can select the dates to last for more than a year. For example, “Hi there. Thanks for sending an email. I will try to respond whenever I read your email. It could be the next few hours or sometime tomorrow. Sincerely, Anna”. This could be an automatic response for all your emails, if you want. To do this, just set the dates so that they last a full year from now.

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