Charity Navigator

We’ve all heard horror stories about charities that spend nearly all of the money raised on administrative expenses and salaries and hardly anything on the good cause the funds were intended for.  We’d like to give, but we want to make sure it’s making a difference.  Charity Navigator is a valuable tool in deciding which charities deserve your support.

The independent site evaluates over 8,000 charities, rating them by their financial health and their accountability and transparency. The group receives no funding from the evaluated charities.

From the home page, you can type in the name of the charity, its EIN or a keyword to search. Charities are rated on a 1 to 4 star basis.  You can also sort further by state, the size of the charity and the scope of the work it does. To learn more about how the ratings are assigned, click the Methodology tab at the top of the home page. You can also check out the list of 4-star charities and tips for donors when selecting where to give.


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