Will My Borderbund Files Be Safe In Windows 10?

A reader is very concerned about the safety of her files when upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. “Please tell me …all my custom designed cards [my business] from Borderbund Print Shop will be saved and can be opened in Windows 10 – I am petrified that I won’t have all my work transferred over- also my Publisher files. What about PDF’s… I will be transferring from windows 7-Please stay with us as we make this big step-appreciate you being there!”

The files themselves should not be affected at all by upgrading to Windows 10. Windows 10 does not overwrite your files. Although when performing any type of upgrade, it’s important to always have all of your important files backed up.


Since you say that this is your business, I will assume that you already have all of your files backed up on another drive. If not, you should stop reading this article, go back them all up, and then get back to me.

As far as the PDFs, you should see no issue. PDFs are a pretty standard format recognized by multiple types of programs.


The Publisher files should not be an issue either as long as you have Publisher installed on your PC. If you upgrade from 7 to 10, your Publisher program should not be affected.

If the Borderbund programs you’re currently running are compatible with Windows 10, you shouldn’t see an issue. If the versions you have aren’t compatible, you may need to find newer versions that work with Windows 10. (Borderbund is the company behind software like Printshop Pro) You’ll have to check with Borderbund support to discover which files work with which.

You can also check which of your current program are compatible with Windows 10.


If you have that little Windows upgrade icon on your PC, you can right-click on it and select “check your upgrade status”


Then click the little menu bar to the left in the window that opens.


Select “Check Your PC”


And you’ll find out if any of your programs are incompatible with Windows 10.


When you use programs that save files in proprietary formats that only work with that program, it’s a good idea to also convert and export those files into formats that can be opened by many types of programs like .jpg or PNG. That way you’ll have a backup that you can use somewhere else.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Thank you so much for such a confident, detailed
    and appreciated explanation . 10 is becoming a little less scary.
    Enjoy every issue.

  2. Warn about the PHOTO app taking a lot of your photos out and rearranging them to their desire not yours. And no way to bring back the way you had them arranged. And no way to put an ID on them. AND no instructions.. have hunted all over for that. Tried downloading a different program but this overwrites it.

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