Enter MoviePass Oscar Contest

The MoviePass subscription service already gives users unlimited theater tickets across the U.S.A. for an average of $30 a month and now they have a unique Oscar contest until Sunday, February 28 (when the Oscars are televised live) at 3 p.m. EST.


Just access blog.moviepass.com/oscarswithmoviepass-contest/ to enter this #OscarsWithMoviePass contest. Fill out the ballot, which includes all 24 nominated categories, then your name, email address and how you found out about this contest.

The Grand Prize winner gets a year of free movies in theaters via MoviePass and the runner-up (first prize) winner gets six months of free movies in theaters via MoviePass. These winners will be announced on or before March 4.

When you sign up for the MoviePass service, you receive a credit card with the MoviePass logo then need to download the app (available for Android and iOS). Select the movie you want to see then use the app set your location then activate the MoviePass credit card (currently under MasterCard) with a unique membership number. Make sure you have great reception and remember that the MoviePass credit card activation is temporary (it deactivates again after approximately 30 minutes). Next you can purchase (pick-up) your ticket at the box office.

The MoviePass services currently includes over 33,000 movie theater screens and a single monthly price ranges from $29.99 to $34.99 depending on your location. There are no blackout dates or restrictions on the types of movies you see at the theater (2D movies only). Users can cancel any time and there is no commitment. Check the official rules (go.moviepass.com/acton/media/14216/oscarswithmoviepass) and/or website (www.moviepass.com) for more details. Good luck!

~ Mike Siebenaler

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