In Search Of Missing Gmail: Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we talked about the problem of missing Gmail and how you may be able to track it down. Today we’ll look at how the settings in your inbox may be causing your e-mail to vanish or get filtered to the wrong place.

Click the settings gear in the top right of your Gmail inbox and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Then choose the Filters tab.


Keep an eye out for filters that say things like Skip Inbox or Delete.


If you do have any of these filters you can choose to either delete them or click the edit button to the far right.

You can also click the tab for your Forwarding, POP and IMAP settings.


If you have forwarding enabled…


You’ll want to click the drop-down menu to make sure it doesn’t say to delete Gmail’s copy of the message.


If POP is enabled, make sure you have keep Gmail’s copy selected.


If you have IMAP using anything beside the Gmail app or your browser to check your messages, you may be having problems with the settings on that application. This would include e-mail clients like Windows Mail App, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird as well as web apps or browser extensions.

Check the app or e-mail client to make sure you don’t have messages set to delete or archive messages.

You can’t check what apps have access to your Gmail by clicking here:

If you can’t find any of your messages in spam or trash and none of these issues seems to be the problem. It’s possible that you have a security issue. We’ll check that out in the third part of our series.

~ Cynthia

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