EatThisMuch Helps You Meet Your healthy Eating Goals

While a lot of us do have a sincere desire to lose weight, not many of us really have a plan to make it happen. A lot of people hope joining a gym or by doing some sort of physical activity, they will be able to shed the excess weight.

While physical activity does help, eating right that is the most effective way of shedding the pounds.

That’s where comes in.  You can go to their website or download the iPhone app. An Android app is coming soon.


In a nutshell, you tell Eat This Much your goals, your preferred frequency of meals and what kind of diet you want to eat and it will spell out a meal plan for you, complete with caloric details and recipes while carefully avoiding all the food items that you do not like eating. It really can’t get simpler than this.

Getting started with Eat This Much

The first thing you need to determine is how much food you need everyday in order to carry out your day to day tasks. The logic behind losing weight is simple- eat less than your body needs. If you are not sure of this caloric amount then don’t worry, the website has a built in calculator just for this. You need to enter information like your current weight, height, goal weight etc. and it will pull out an approximate number for you.

Once you enter that information, along with your personal preference in the bar on top, it generates a meal plan for you. At first glance, it may seem like a simple calorie calculator but it is much more than that.

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For instance you can :

  • Set an item to recur, if you’d like to eat it more than once a week
  • Completely prevent a food item from coming up again in case you do not like eating it
  • Replace any particular item with another one of the same type by clicking the ‘regenerate this food’ button
  • Set a food item to your favorites

The site also gives you a neat breakdown on where your calories are coming from as well as detailed statistics on the nutrients consumed by your body.

Prepping the food

Clicking on any item in the meal plan brings up more detailed information about it. You not only get to see the recipe, but also all the ingredients that are required to make it. Here’s a very cool thing you can do with that- if a recipe has an ingredient that you are allergic to or simply do not like, then you can block it, thereby preventing any more recipes with that particular item from appearing in the future. The nutritional information of each recipe is shown in the sidebar and it updates in real time as you add or remove ingredients.



Apart from listing the food items that you can cook, Eat This Much also shows information about restaurant food and pre-packaged food items. Once you have decided upon your meal plans for the week, you can set it to repeat and get a weekly email with the complete grocery lists and recipe cooking instructions. Amazing or what?

You can use this if you want to lose weight, build your body or if you want to simply eat right for the health benefits that come with it.

~ Yogesh

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