Security In Windows 10

Security is a top priority for PCs and this reader wanted to know about his options in Windows 10. “I have a question concerning Windows 10.  With Win-, XP, 7, 8, 8.1 Windows had Microsoft Security Essentials.  I have not found what is available for Windows 10 from Microsoft.  Also what are the suggested other Malware, Trojan etc software should we be running to protect our systems.  Microsoft has been buying up Security Companies was that to add to their Security Software protection for consumers of their products?”

The default, built-in security for Windows 10 is Windows Defender. It replaced Microsoft Security Essentials starting in Windows 8.  It is built-in to both operating systems.


While in the past, Windows’ security offerings haven’t performed so well, Defender doesn’t do a bad job when compared to other virus protection like Norton, AVG, AVAST or Mcafee. It performs better is some instances, worse in others. If you choose to go with Windows Defender,  (or even if you choose a third-party security software) I suggest getting a Malware program like Malware Bytes to complement it.

~ Cynthia

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