Old Bailey Online

Welcome to the Old Bailey Online! This site is a criminal trial database for London’s central criminal court with records spanning from 1674-1913.

This is a great tool if you’re into genealogy, or are interested in the lives of what this site terms the non-elite people. What you’ll find is fully searchable court records from the years 1674 to 1913.

The left side menu offers you navigation options to information about the site, the historical background, and information about the Old Bailey Project.

The right side of the screen offers you a search field where you can search by keyword or with a reference number. You can also search by clicking the the link in the middle of the page that leads you to the Search pages.

When you look at result list you’ll see a listing for set span of time, and then you can click into individual entries for a fill transcript. ┬áThose entries will also have small thumbnails that when clicked take you to a scan of the original record.

This is a really cool way to look into the past whether you’re just curious, are doing serious research, or are tracking down an ancestor.

Check it out today!



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