Kiddle is a child-safe search engine that uses Google safe-search to search the Internet, hopefully without coming across things you have to explain to your kids. Though it uses Google Safe Search, it’s not in any way connected with Google. There’s a team of editors involved that try to block out inappropriate content and also highlight which contents might be best for kids.


Attempts to search for adult-oriented topics bring up this unhappy robot.


A search for a topic like “Election” brings up a list of educational resources.


Singer Rhianna is popular, but she also has some decidedly adult music videos. When I search for videos of Rhianna on Kiddle, I get results for her biography and some news stories, but no links to her spicy tunes.


When I put in a search for “sexy girls,” I return the Ooops robot. However a search for images of “pretty girls” brings me this.


Parents can also have input by requesting that Kiddle block certain words or sites from the search engine.

There are some flaws in the engine. I was able to pull up movie reviews for “50 Shades Of Gray.” That’s certainly not a kiddie movie.

Some have complained that the site filters out words like “”bisexual” and “transgender,” along with other sexual terms, thereby denying kids access to helpful information.  However, I made a recent search and found that the site directs those queries to support organizations and educational resources.  I will warn you that this is not an ad-free site.

You can check Kiddle out at

~ Cynthia