Bill is looking for some suggestions on organizing his photos. “Now that Google has decided to “kick Picasa to the curb” do you have any recommendations? I just take snapshots with phone or camera and then store on my laptop. I normally do not do any editing. I’m not a big fan of “cloud storage” I would rather have then on my laptop with backup to external HDD.”

Your simplest alternative would just be to use the Pictures library on your PC.  Windows comes with some pretty powerful photo organizing software already built-in.  Your camera will probably automatically import your photos there, anyway.


To organize your photos you can create files and move the image in to the appropriate place.

For example, you could create a file for the year and then subfolders for every month of the year.  To create a file right click and select new. The select Folder.


You could then name the folder something like Photos 2015.


Then make subfolders for the months of the year and save folders into the appropriate folder for that month. Once saved to that folder, you can sort by name or date.


Using the Pictures library, you can add tags to make your images easier to find and sort.  For example, here I’ve selected multiple photos with a file.


Now, I will click Add a tag at the bottom of the window.


I can now type in a tag.


You can add more than one tag. For family photos you might do something like Family, Christmas, Grandma’s House. Then hit enter. Your photos will now be tagged.


You can also rate your photos on a 1 to 5 system to highlight your favorites.


You can use the search box at the top of the window to search by name, date taken and tags to help find a particular photo.


You can choose to view your photos within your library as icons or part of a list.

At the top right of your Pictures Library, you’ll see a photo icon with a drop-down arrow next to it.


Click on that arrow and you’ll see options to view your images as icons or as lists:


If you choose Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large Icons, your photos will be displayed as thumbnails.


Choose details and you’ll have some useful sorting options.


Click the Name header to sort alphabetically. Click Date to sort by date. Clicking the header again will sort in reverse order.


Hope this helps you get organized. However, don’t discount the value of cloud backup. Remember, your external drive or flash drive is likely to be in the same location as your PC. So if there’s a natural disaster or a fire, both items may be lost together. I’d think about adding cloud backup into the mix, especially for important photos.

~ Cynthia