It’s important to keep your programs updated, but a reader wants to know if that’s really necessary. “For most of my third party programmes, it seems the updates are centered around Win10 which I have not installed yet. Should I still update these programmes, or wait til I change from Win8.1?”


I’d certainly go ahead and do those updates now. With these updates applied, that means your transition to Windows 10 should be a smooth one. Without these updates, devices may not work in Windows 10 or the programs may not be compatible.

By applying all the necessary updates, your programs should immediately be able to work as soon as the upgrade is finished. Not having the updates in place could make your upgrade process take even longer because Windows 10 might go looking for the updates.

I’d suggest applying them as they come along to make the upgrade process smoother. And also, not everything in the updates is necessarily related to Windows 10. There could be some bug fixes or security patches that you don’t want to miss.

~ Cynthia