Cheri has a question about her Windows 10 installation files.  “I downloaded win 10 but I don’t want to install it, just put it to external hard drive. Where are the files so I can remove them from my PC and put them to external.I’m running 7 and don’t want to overwrite it with 10. I just want the download.”

Cheri, you could move those files to an external drive I suppose, but there’s really no purpose to having them if you don’t want to upgrade.  All those files are useful for is upgrading your Windows 7 device to Windows 10. You can’t run them as a separate operating system from an external drive.

You can find the files on your PC under the C drive > Windows.


Go To Software Distribution.


The files are in the download folder.


But it won’t do you one bit of good to move it to an external drive.  If you don’t want them on there, just delete them.

~ Cynthia