Should I Have Upgraded?

We’ve talked a lot about Ad Blocking software is allowing a lot more ads these days. A reader asks:¬† “I have been using Adblocker for a long¬† time. Sometime during the past year I kept getting a pop-up asking if I wanted to upgrade. Since I was happy with what I had, I always checked Adblocker now seems to work differently (ads are more prevalent). Did I cause this by not choosing to upgrade?”


It’s unlikely that this is causing the issue. AdBlock Plus and other ad blocking software are allowing more advertising as more an more companies joint their acceptable advertisers list.

Advertisers qualify by meeting certain criteria and also by paying the ad block software developers. Since a lot of ad blocking software is free, they need to make the money somewhere and putting advertisers on the acceptable list is how they make the cash.

~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Should I Have Upgraded?

  1. I disagree because I got adblocker on two computer I do not ever get this announcing the aception ad progam never popup plus befor I got it I was get lot of popup ads every day last I counted long time ok got over 200 a day or some keep poping up the same thing evertime did search or read something now seens I got adblocker on both computer I never ever get any popup ads at all so what you said I disagree and who ever told you they got that thing poping up this announcing the ecceptable ad must got a fake adblocker that is a scam because they one I got I never get thaqt message at all think I had adblocker over two years and no popup anymore no ads popup either so whi like I said got the wrong adblocker a copy of the reginal one and they got scam to get a fake one that don’t stop popup

    mine adblocker block all ads I had ads on my home page tooafter I got adblocker install then went back to home page book the ad that show up on my yahoo home page was gone for good so like I said befor who ever told you about the popu got a fake scam adblocker and that why the popupkeep coming for that person because they the scammer want you get so tired of it then you agree to upgrade nad pay to have that popup take off for good

    so that person got the wrong adblocker I know for sure because I got the right one and that opoup they said come up I never in the last two years never got it or never get any more popup

    so tell who ever they got the wrong one I am running the free adblocker work good no more ads popup

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