While Google is the search engine of choice for many people, some people prefer to use a different one as their default search engine. A reader who prefers using the Chrome browser on his Android phone wanted to know if there was any way he could switch the default search engine to Bing. The good news is that not only can you switch the default browser in the Chrome app, it’s actually pretty simple to do. Let’s check out how.

First tap your Chrome Icon to open the browser.


In the upper-right of your browser next to the address bar, you’ll see an icon that looks like three dots.


Tap it.


Select Settings from the drop-down menu.


Under Basics, select Search Engine.


Here I have the choice of choosing Yahoo! or Bing as your default search engine in addition to Google.


Depending on your phone, there might be other choices as well. Tick the box next to the search engine of your choice.

~ Cynthia