Welcome to Collapse!

Collapse is an end of society simulator where you play as patient zero. You’ve been infected with an unknown strain of small pox. The simulator asks you to make choices about where you’ll receive healthcare, travel to, and more as the outbreak spreads until reaching a complete collapse of society as we know it.

Your first decision is where you live (this decision offers some replay value because you can change where the outbreaks starts to see how the outbreak changes) and then you’ll pick which hospital you go to. As you make decisions the game provides you with facts about the services and events that might happen.

At the bottom of the screen the simulator tracks how many people are infected and how many have died from the infection.

As patient zero, I plunged the world into darkness by day 17, and into total collapse by day 26 from my starting point in Madison, WI. Starting from Dubai in theĀ United Arab Emirates, I made the world collapse in 25 days. Starting in New York City, NY the world collapsed in 23 days.

How fast will you make the world collapse in your version of the simulator? Go find out today!