A lot of people use Facebook as their primary means of sharing photos these days, but what if you want your own copies of the images? Van writes:  “Is there a FREE program I can use to Download pictures from my daughters Facebook page to my harddrive?I want to d/l these all at one time -not individually.”

Facebook has this option built in, per album, and even better, if your daughter adds you as a contributor on the shared album, it’s pretty easy for you to do yourself.

First, you’d have to have your daughter set up album sharing from her account. To do so, she would need to go to her photos on Facebook and to the album (or albums) you want the pictures from. At the top, click on Change to Shared Album.


Then another menu will pop up, and she will need to add your name to the Contributors list.


The album will show up in your list of albums on your own Facebook page. This time, go to the Album again, but click on the setting icon that looks like a gear, and you’ll see the following options.


If you choose to Download album, you’ll have a window pop up asking if you want to continue with the download. Keep in mind if there are a lot of pictures in the album, it could take some time to complete the download.


Once that’s complete, a small notification will pop up in the bottom left of the Facebook window (at least that’s where it showed up for me).


When you click on this notification you’ll be asked to save the file to your computer. Simply update the file name and save it to a location on your computer, such as your Pictures folder. The pictures are all then saved in a .zip file. Newer versions of Windows have a built in Zip program so that shouldn’t be a problem, but if needed, you can use a free program like WinZip or 7Zip to open the file.

I hope this helps you get the pictures you’d like. Just keep in mind, if there are pictures in more than 1 album, you’d need to do these steps for each album individually, but it’s better than doing each picture individually.

~ Audra