A while back I told you about Canva, an online site that can help you make professional looking graphics. I’ve found another great resource for making infographics and presentations online, it’s called Visme.

It’s very easy to make an account, just head over to www.visme.co and click Get Started Now.  ( Don’t go to visme.com, that’s a completely different site.)


Just add your name, e-mail, and desired password or login with your Facebook account.


Here’s what the homepage looks like.


Click Blog for helpful articles and tutorials and Help for a thorough guide that will help you get started on your first project.


Let’s click Create New Visme to get started.


Name your new project.


You can choose between creating a Presentation slide, Infographic, or Custom Dimensions.


Let’s choose Presentation. There’s a selection of 5 titles to choose from in a free account. There are many more choices if you opt for a paid Premium account.


I’ve selected the Simplistique template. Here’s what the screen looks like.


To the left of the starter project page, there’s a toolbar.


At the top, you can select your background. Scroll down on the left to choose. There’s a wide variety of colors and patterns available. Just click to select.


Once you’ve chosen a background, you can move on to Title.


You have the choice between regular and animated text.


Just start typing in the text box to add your text.


Once you type in the text, you have a variety of options for choosing font, size, color etc.. Plus you can also adjust spacing fill and border properties.


You can also add shapes, images or charts. There’s a lot of free options to choose from.


Once you choose your graphic elements, you can think about other options.


You can insert video from YouTube or Vimeo.


Just put your link in the video box.


And the video will display as part of your presentation.


Select music and you can add from the free library. Those with Premium accounts can record audio or upload their own tracks.


If you’re ready to play a little, you can click on any object like text or video and choose to animate it. Just select the object and click “Animate this object” at the top of the page.

visem-animate-this object

You can choose from pre-set movements and select entrance and exit times for the objects.


When your presentation is finished, hit the Preview button to review. Then you can save it, and select Publish. You can then share it via social media or imbed to a website. There’s also an option to download. If you’re using the free version, you can only download .jpg files. You’ll need to upgrade to premium for higher resolution files or animated html 5 presentations. (Premium subscriptions start at $7 a month and discounts are available for businesses.)


It’s great fun to try out.

~ Cynthia