Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Goes Bad

What was supposed to be a fun experiment with artificial intelligence took a the kind of turn you see in science fiction movies. Microsoft had to take its “chat-bot” off social media after “she” expressed support for Hitler and conspiracy theories.


According to Microsoft, Tay was designed to to engage and entertain people through casual and playful conversation, enabling her to become smarter as she chatted. Unfortunately, users began to immediately trying to mess with “her” by introducing controversial topics. Poor Tay fell in with a bad crowd and lost her social media privleges.

Are Totally Automated Restaurants On The Way?

With the popularity of ATMs, self-checkouts, and movie ticket kiosks, it’s not surprising that restaurants are thinking of going completely automated.

The CEO of the Carl’s Jr. caused quite a bit of controversy when he said he wanted to create a restaurant where customers order from a kiosk, pay with a credit card and then receive their food without ever seeing a person. He said it’s particularly attractive because there are no worries about a rising minimum wage and automation is always polite and won’t sue you. He also said that young people prefer not to see other people when doing business.

Of course, the concept isn’t that original, Automat restaurants started back in 1902 and lasted until 1991.


Sony Bringing PlayStation Games To Mobile

PlayStation games are coming to your mobile phone. Sony has created a new division called ForwardWorks. ForwardWorks will be focused solely on games for phones and tablets.

Their first order of business is taking existing PlayStation games and making version for Android and IOS.

No word yet on which games will be getting the app treatment.

So, I’m asking you, is one of these stories an April Fools joke? If so, which one doesn’t have the ring of truth? Or could it all be true? Let us know what you think in the comments.

~ Cynthia