Getting tired of Microsoft constantly nagging you to update to Windows 10?  There’s a way to turn it off.

Now, I’m all for upgrading to Windows 10, I really like it. But perhaps you have software or hardware that isn’t compatible or you just aren’t ready to upgrade. In my case, I have a PC that I plan to keep on Windows 7 for the purpose of writing tech tips for that system.

Now there’s a free tool called Gibson’s Never10 that will stop the nag screen, but also allow you turn the Windows 10 update back on if you decide you’re ready. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you won’t ever get Windows 10, just that the update is disabled for now.


This utility works for both Window 7 and Windows 8.1. Never 10 does not install any software of its own. It performs a system edit for the user.  This program is signed with a new DigiCert SHA256 certificate. Because the certificate is new and Microsoft hasn’t seen it before, it currently makes Microsoft nervous.  Consequently, you will be “protected” with a “SmartScreen” warning.  Just click “More info” and “Run anyway”, since the file is properly signed and safe to run.

Click here to check out Never10.

Scroll down and click the Download now button.


Do keep in mind that the free upgrade to Windows 10 is only available through the end of July. So if you temporarily disable, thinking you’ll do the upgrade later, please make a note for yourself so you don’t forget and miss out on your free upgrade.

In addition to being a really nice operating system, upgrading to Windows 10 can add an extra 5 years of security support to the life of a Windows 7 PC

~  Cynthia