Harry is having a hard time logging into his Microsoft OneDive account. He writes:  “Trying to get an account at OneDrive is like trying to break into Ft Knox. I set up an account, and it won’t accept my password. I give up.”

Harry, I’m not sure what your exact issue is. But actually getting a OneDrive account is pretty simple. If you already have any kind of Microsoft account (That includes an Outlook.com, Hotmail, MSN or LiveMail e-mail address), you’ve already got a OneDrive account. You can log in with that e-mail address and password.

Setting up an account is also very easy.  Click here to go to the OneDrive webpage.

Sign in with your Microsoft account or click Sign up for free. Provide an e-mail address and a password and follow the instructions.


If you’ve already created an account and are unable to log in with the password, it’s likely that you’re putting the password in incorrectly. Perhaps with extra spaces or characters that you just aren’t seeing.  I promise you that Microsoft is not randomly changing your password. One tip I can suggest is that you type your password out in a document first and save it. Then copy and paste that password into the box when you create yours. When you go to log in to you account, try copying and pasting the password instead of typing it. Or consider a password manager.

~ Cynthia