In The News 04-08-16

FBI Drops Suit Against Apple

The FBI has dropped a court case against Apple. The government wanted Apple to hack the phone of the terrorists who carried out the December San Bernardino attacks.


Apple refused to help, saying that the privacy of their customers was their priority. The FBI says they’ve managed to hack the phone without any assistance from Apple. (reportedly with the help of an Israeli firm)

In the lawsuit, the FBI had only asked Apple to unlock the one phone. Now, with what they’ve learned from hacking this phone, the FBI may be able to hack any iPhone.

What do you think? Was Apple right to refuse to help the government? Let us know in the comments.

Cold Feet? There’s An App For That!

Tired of cold feet, but don’t want to buy really heavy boots because they’d be too hot inside? A company called Lundi thinks they’ve got the solution: A luxury smartboot controlled by an app on your phone.


They’ve launched a Kickstarter to fund a luxury leather boot with a built-in heating element controlled via Bluetooth.

These boots won’t be cheap. You have to put at least $249 to get a pair of boots.  As always, mentioning this Kickstarter campaign is in no way endorsing it.

Verizon Adds $20 Upgrade Fee

Verizon will now charge you $20 to upgrade your phone to a new model. According to ZDNet, the company told them it was because there are increased customer support expenses when users switch to a news phone.

Of course, this a new phone that you are already paying several hundred dollars for.

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  1. ‘FBI Drops Suit Against Apple’- In my mind ‘…its not over until its over.’ If Apple reneges on its responsibility to the consumer, and does not file suit in the ‘World Court’ against this; ‘Israeli firm’, to retrieve its patent and copyright privileges under ‘U.S. Constitution. Article One, section 8, clause 8’, otherwise all consumer agreements that we blithely agree to when we click, ‘Agree’, are all null and void because the manufacturer can no longer uphold their end of the contract… Think about it!

  2. Nuke the Israeli firm, they are infringing on the rights of Americans. Apple was totally in their rights.

  3. I’m disappointed in Apple. Letting this get to the point that FBI had to go to court to get access to the phone is sad. Given the likelihood that another terrorist plot may have been avoided, Apple put Apple principals ahead of our lives. Now everyone knows that our Apple products can be hacked. Great going Apple. Apple has pie on its face.

  4. I have a major problem with the arrogance of the executives at Apple. NOw tthey have placed the security of all Apple users at risk. You dumbos your stupidity is beyond comprehension. I can no longer use my IPad with confidence knowing now that I can be hacked with impunity. YOu could have cooperated with law enforcement and that would have been the end of it !!!!

  5. I agree with Doug. What would it have hurt to unlock one phone. It wouldn’t have generated all the publicity and caused all the liberals afraid to have so called rights stepped on. If you aren’t doing anything wrong why would it bother you? Do so many people really want to give up America’s and Americans safety to keep a murderer and his wife’s phone locked to supposedly protect privacy. Get a clue people, if it’s on the internet anybody can see it, If it’s a smart phone some country other than ours can hack it. Just look to the pentagon, big business, our banks, etc…get the picture yet? Privacy is an illusion.

  6. Hmm . . . It seems more along the lines of “We can do it so we will. And, no one pushes back anyway.” My new phone didn’t appear to cost Verizon additional work. They transferred the numbers and handed back both phones. However, it is likely they are following my ‘use’ activity since this is my first smart phone. Still, the systems needed to track me are already developed and in use.

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