FBI Drops Suit Against Apple

The FBI has dropped a court case against Apple. The government wanted Apple to hack the phone of the terrorists who carried out the December San Bernardino attacks.


Apple refused to help, saying that the privacy of their customers was their priority. The FBI says they’ve managed to hack the phone without any assistance from Apple. (reportedly with the help of an Israeli firm)

In the lawsuit, the FBI had only asked Apple to unlock the one phone. Now, with what they’ve learned from hacking this phone, the FBI may be able to hack any iPhone.

What do you think? Was Apple right to refuse to help the government? Let us know in the comments.

Cold Feet? There’s An App For That!

Tired of cold feet, but don’t want to buy really heavy boots because they’d be too hot inside? A company called Lundi thinks they’ve got the solution: A luxury smartboot controlled by an app on your phone.


They’ve launched a Kickstarter to fund a luxury leather boot with a built-in heating element controlled via Bluetooth.

These boots won’t be cheap. You have to put at least $249 to get a pair of boots.  As always, mentioning this Kickstarter campaign is in no way endorsing it.

Verizon Adds $20 Upgrade Fee

Verizon will now charge you $20 to upgrade your phone to a new model. According to ZDNet, the company told them it was because there are increased customer support expenses when users switch to a news phone.

Of course, this a new phone that you are already paying several hundred dollars for.

~ Cynthia