Yesterday we took a look at the basics of the free Opera Browser. Today we’re going to go a little deeper and look at how you can add extensions to Opera.  If you haven’t read our introduction to Opera, click here to learn the basics.

Once you have the basics mastered, let’s click the Opera menu button in the upper left of the page and check out the drop-down menu.


The first thing we’ll look at is extensions. If you use Firefox or Chrome, you’re probably familiar with browser extensions. An extension is a plug-in that you download that gives additional features to a browser such as ad-blocking or toolbars.

Click Get extensions to take a look at what’s available for Opera.

drop-down-menu-get extensions

This screen will open. Some recommended extensions will display.


You can scroll down to check them out. You can also use the menu at the top of the page to check out categories of extensions like Top-rated, Security, News, and accessibility. Or you can search at the top.




If you see one that looks interesting, hover over it with the mouse for a brief description.


If the add-on interests you, just click to learn more.


You’ll find information about permissions and also screenshots of how the extension will look.


Click Add to Opera, if you want to install the extension.


You can click Extensions and the Extension manager in the drop-down menu to manage your extensions.


You can view which extension you’ve added, as well an disable them or turn other features on or off.


Enjoy exploring Opera. I’ll get into more Opera features in future articles.

~ Cynthia