We’ve heard from a couple of iPhone users whose Gmail messages went missing after an update to iOS 9.


We’ve talked a lot before about various things (including hackers) that can cause your Gmail messages to go missing.  You can check out those previous articles here.

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But there’s a particular problem that seems to have affected users of of iOS 9.  In iOS 9, apple introduced bulk editing features that allowed you to take actions with large numbers of e-mail messages at the same time.

Once in your iOS Mail App you can hit the Edit button in the upper-right corner of the inbox and hit the Trash All button to mass delete e-mails you don’t want.


If you’re using Gmail, you have the ability to archive or move all of your messages.

If you accidentally take any of those actions on your iPhone, they could be reflected when checking your Gmail on your PC or tablet.

So if your Gmail is missing, make sure to check the archives, the trash and other folders you may have set up in mail app.

This won’t explain every case of missing e-mail messages, but it may help some people retrieve their mail.