We’ve talked before about how you can spot a Facebook scam and why it’s important not to share them.

Check out this post that several of my Facebook friends shared recently. Can you spot the telltale signs that it is a big, fat fraud?


The fact that “air” is not capitalized is a big giveaway. Major firms are sticklers that their branding always is always correct. Also, the rules that corporations must follow for contests are tough. Companies also must display the rules or a link to the rules. Legit rules always list who is eligible to participate.


Another dead giveaway is the page that claims to be for “Delta air.” Can you tell me what’s wrong here?


First, there’s no check mark verifying it as Delta’s page. Also, it’s a community and not page – that would not be the case for a company. Also, check out the poor graphic and lack of a cover photo. No company the size of Delta would ever permit that. There’s also only one post and the page has not been active for very long. A company like Delta would have been active on social media for years.


All of these signs point to a scam in flashing red letters. As I’ve said, some people say “what’s the harm in sharing?”  The harm is that you may indeed receive a message in your inbox telling you that you’ve won. But click on the link provided and you’ll allow malware onto your PC or possibly be asked for personal information to claim your plane tickets. That personal information will then be stolen.

By sharing scams like these, you’re exposing your friends to the same thing.  So next time you see a post like this, use what you’ve learned to spot it for the fraud it is.

~ Cynthia