If you happen to own a Revolv Smarthome hub, I’ve got some bad news for you. The $300 device that is able to control your lights, lock doors, set timers, control your heating system, play music, and more is no longer going to work because Google doesn’t want it to.

Revolv was acquired by Google a couple of years back, and in keeping with the Google tradition of shutting down many services it acquires, Google’s holding company Alphabet is pulling the plug on this system.


What’s worse, is that Google apparently didn’t even send out notices. You’d have to head on over to revolv.com to see the notice.  Here’s what it says:

Revolv was a great first step into the connected home. It wasn’t perfect, but we worked hard to make something we – and other smart people – could build on.

And it worked. In 2014, we were bought by Nest and the technology we made became an integral part of the Works with Nest platform. Now Works with Nest is turning into something more secure, more useful and just flat-out better than anything Revolv created.

So we’re pouring all our energy into Works with Nest and are incredibly excited about what we’re making. Unfortunately, that means we can’t allocate resources to Revolv anymore and we have to shut down the service. As of May 15, 2016, your Revolv hub and app will no longer work.

Thank you for your support and believing in us. We’re sad for the end of Revolv, but this isn’t the end of the connected home. This is the beginning.”

While it may be the beginning of something for someone, it’s the end of the line for you if you have a Revolv home hub.

Starting May 15, the hub will just stop functioning and all of the Revolv data will simply be deleted and you’ll be the proud owner of $300 paperweight.

~ Cynthia