FTC Warns Of New Tech Scam

There’s a new tech scam out there. Crooks are calling claiming to be from the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (A real organization). They say your hacked e-mail account is sending out messages and they will take legal action against you unless you give them control of your PC to fix the problem ASAP.


These crooks turn mean if you turn them down and try to invoke the name and website addresses of the actual FTC and GPEN.  The Global Privacy Enforcement Network doesn’t do that kind of thing.

As always. When alleged “tech support” calls you out of the blue. It’s a big, fat scam.

FBI Can Only Hack 5C iPhone

The FBI was able to hack the iPhone belonging to the terrorists behind the San Bernadino massacre by purchasing a tool from an outside company after Apple refused to help them get into the phone.


However, the agency says the only model it knows how to get into is the iPhone 5C.  In a separate case, the government is still trying to get Apple’s help to unlock an iPhone that belonged to a drug dealer.

Apple had previously helped the government get into locked phones involved in criminal cases, but a couple of years ago, changed their minds and refused to help for any reason.

Google Giving Away Free Photo Software

Google is giving away the Nik Collection of photo software. These well-thought-of digital editing products are available for Windows or Mac. This bundle originally cost around $500, then the price was dropped $149. The tools work with Adobe Photoshop CS4 through CC 2015 and with Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 through 13.


Now you can download it completely free by clicking here.

Even better, if you already purchased the Nik Collection this year, you’ll get a full refund from Google!

~ Cynthia