Sylvia has a gran problema.  She writes:  “My emails suddenly are appearing in Spanish. How do I handle this as I did nothing to cause it, just went online and there it was. Please tell me what to do to turn this vital information back to English. it’s just the notifications that are in Spanish, but it is very distracting.

One of the cool features about modern communication is that it is very easy to switch things to make them easier for each user to understand. You can change languages with a simple touch, enlarge type to make it easier to read or turn on something like a screen reader to help those who can’t see to navigate.


But, unfortunately, you can also accidentally activate these features and end up with Facebook in Chinese or a screen reader that just won’t shut up.

Fortunately, problems like this are easy to fix. Just a tip, you can almost always find the solution under settings.

In your Gmail inbox, click the settings icon in the upper right of the page and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


In your case, it will say Configuracion.


Make sure you’re on the General Tab.


Select English (US) from the drop down menu at the right.


For you, it will look like this:


Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom and hit Save Changes.  In Spanish that will say Guardar cambios.

This is also the place where you’d select another language if you preferred to use it. This is also a great place to play an April Fool’s prank, but you didn’t hear that from me. There’s also the option to change language settings for other Google products and to adjust accessibility settings.


As you pointed out, the language of the content of your e-mail does not change. Just the labels on your folders and language on your menus.

I hope this helps.

~ Cynthia