Can I Delete Windows.old files?

Bob has a question about windows 10.  “On the last update of windows 10, it installs a folder on my hard drive called Windows.old. Can I delete that & I’ve tried but it doesn’t go away.”

The Windows.old folder contains files for your previous operating system. In the case of Windows 10, these files allow you to return to your previous operating system fro 30 days.  Those files should automatically delete 30 days after installation.

If they haven’t deleted, simply hitting the Delete key won’t do the job. You’ll just receive an error.  Only delete the files if you are positive you don’t want to go back to the previous OS. Here’s how to do it:

Type Disk Cleanup in the search box and click on the result.


The Disk Cleanup window will open.


Scroll down and find Previous Windows installation(s) on the list. Tick the box beside it.


Then click OK.


Disk Cleanup should start.


The unnecessary files should be removed.

~ Cynthia

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