Is This Video Site Legit?

A reader has a question about a video streaming site. “Hi, just read your article about the Chinese site that pirates American tv programs. Do you know if Rainerland is legit and pays  to broadcast movies and TV shows?’

One quick look at Rainerland and I can tell you they are definitely not legit. My first clue is that they have movies currently in theaters and not available for streaming or DVD legally displayed on the home screen.


They even have movies that haven’t been released to theaters yet. Seriously not legitimate. Watch at your own risk. Pirated video can get you in trouble not only with the authorities but is also the fastest way to populate your PC or tablet with malware. Someone who doesn’t mind stealing other people’s work, isn’t going to mind messing up your device.

~ Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Is This Video Site Legit?

  1. You are right about the potential for something nasty getting onto your system. That said, “Streaming’ is a legal “grey area” since you are not actually getting a copy of the movie. It would be as if you were sitting in a car watching HBO though your neighbor’s window. Come to think of it since you are not actively downloading anything from a streaming site, and you have an up to date active scanning anti-virus (and who doesn’t?) you are very unlikely to pick up a “bug” unknowingly. Do you know that it is easier to get infected by a religious website then by any other. The reason is because they rely on volunteers to admin their websites instead of hiring professionals. Easy pickins for scammers and spamers. All that said be sure and Google any site to read reviews before you use them. P.S. If the site says you have to download their player to watch their content THAT IS WHERE THE BAD STUFF IS! DO NOT DO THAT! 😮

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