Amazon’s $300 eReader: Is It Worth It?

They say go big or go home, and Amazon is certainly going big with its new luxury eReader called Oasis.

In a time when tablets and eReaders are getting cheaper (a basic kindle starts at $80), Oasis will run nearly $300.


We’re talking about $300 for a 6″ eReader here, not for a full-blown tablet. This device doesn’t run apps, it only has one purpose: reading books. And that’s why Amazon calls this model Oasis. It’s meant to be an oasis from the distraction of social media, e-mail and other distractions found on a tablet.

What makes the Oasis stand out?  For one thing, the battery life. Amazon says an Oasis can go MONTHS without a charge, up to 8 weeks.

The Oasis comes with a cover that doubles as a rechargeable battery. You can charge the Kindle and the cover at the same time while they are snapped together.


When you’re unplugged and on the go, the cover will automatically recharge the device. It’s one nice-looking back-up battery, too. The leather cover comes in three colors and opens like a book.


Amazon has re-designed the center of gravity for this Kindle so that it rests like a book in your palm. You can turn pages by tapping the screen or using the page turn buttons on the hand grip. And don’t worry lefties, the page orientation will switch if you change hands.


The Oasis also has a no-glare screen, so you can read in bright sunlight.

As with other Kindle devices, you can adjust the text size. Since Kindles aren’t back-lit, they are much easier on the eyes.

Oasis also lets you look up difficult words in a built-in dictionary without leaving your book. Plus it has access to popular Amazon features like  Goodreads, X-Ray, and Family Library.

The device is incredibly thin, only .13 inches thick and it weighs less than 5 ounces. With the cover attached, it tips the scales at 8 ounces.


You have the choice between a Wi-Fi only model or one that connects via Wi-Fi & 3G. The 3G model will cost $359.

What do you think? Is this ultra-luxury eReader worth the cost when you can install a Kindle app for free on your tablet or phone? Let us know in the comments.

~ Cynthia

6 thoughts on “Amazon’s $300 eReader: Is It Worth It?

  1. If you are a very avid reader it might be worth it . I could sure get a fine tablet for that kind of money and still be able to read.

  2. MMMM. This question gives me pause. I have two Kindle Fires, a Samsung Tablet 10.5, a smart phone, a laptop, and a desktop. I don’t like reading on my actual computers but I love that I can start reading a book on my Kindle Fire, then find myself waiting somewhere and I can pick up my phone and continue on with the story. I love reading on a Kindle. It’s SO nice when you come to a word you don’t understand and you can just touch it and the definition appears. While I don’t think $300+ is outrageous, I like it that I can connect with the Internet whenever I want to with the same device I am reading on.

    I think the Oasis would be fabulous if you’re a camper going on a very long hike and you don’t have any amenities. It would weigh much less then a book and it probably has that wonderful back lighting that is so easy on the eyes. Also, if you’re like me, you have hundreds of books stored on your device so if you finish one book, you can go on to the next.

    Awwww, get one anyway. 🙂

    I have a question…..What do you say to people who insist they like the feel of a book and don’t even want to try a Kindle. I find it so much easier on my eyes. I can read much longer on my Kindle. I really like my Kindle.

  3. I have a first edition Kindle e-reader and this new one is quite an improvement over it. I would pay less than $300 but I love the pros of this new Kindle.

  4. Hey Cynthia, Sorrry!!! My Kindle WhitePaper IS back-lit; “Since Kindles aren’t back-lit…” and in my experience, back-lit is an absolute necessity. Why read at night with the lights on when my Kindle WhitePaper does that?

    One thing I find most incredible about Kindle is, the Highlights are retained so they are accessible from the PC version for further retention or investigation or sharing… Can’t do that with a Library book.

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