Yesterday we talked about the glorious Apple Watch and looked at some tips for setting up this tech marvel.  Today, we’re going to check out the must-have apps for making your life easier.

Top Apps

Google Maps

One of the Apple Watch’s perks is being able to do a quick flip of the wrist to look at step-by-step directions when you’re trying to get around. Out of all the transport apps out there, Google Maps is a top choice. The app is straightforward and offers quick-to-read directions.


And by using Force Press on the watch, you can switch between walking, driving and public transit mode with ease.

Dark Sky

Weather apps are a must, and a good weather app like Dark Sky is more of a must. Dark Sky provides extremely accurate weather by taking into consideration your exact address and location and giving you a detailed forecast of the next hour on one screen.


Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running is one of the top running apps in general, and it’s perfect for the Apple Watch. You can sync your music with your runs, track your performance and pace and connect with a global running community while logging the mileage right on your wrist.



The Human app helps you make health and well-being a priority by tracking your activities throughout the day and pushing you to get up and move for at least a half hour each day.


Since tracking activity via phone isn’t always the most convenient when it’s not constantly attached to your body, this is a huge advantage the Apple Watch brings with it for the app to better execute its intention with accuracy.

These great apps for the Apple Watch will get you off to a good start with your new best friend. Make sure you make the most of them!

~ Jessica Oaks