In the first part of this article, we looked at how to determine if your PC needs more RAM. Today, we’ll look at how to find RAM and replace it.

If you need RAM, should  you just head down to the store and pick up the first stick of RAM you see? Technically, you could – but it may cause issues! Computer enthusiasts often suggest you purchase the exact same RAM sticks as the ones currently in your PC. This means to grab the same brand, size, and even model number of RAM stick that you currently use. Using RAM of different speeds and sizes can cause issues. Technically, it can be done, but you should always try to find the same type of RAM.

How do you check what brand your RAM is, or put more in? You need to open your computer up and look at the memory slots on the motherboard. Where the RAM is situated varies depending on your motherboard, but you’re generally looking for slots that look like this:


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If the idea of poking in your PC scares you, it’s probably best to get the help of someone more experienced with the innards of computers to take a look for you. While interacting with a motherboard, one error can kill a computer — if you think there’s a real chance this could happen, don’t risk it! A stick of RAM is not worth toasting a motherboard for. Get help from a computer expert who will know the inside of your PC like the back of their hand.

~ Simon