In response to a question about upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 10, Dave wrote: “It’s true you can not upgrade from vista to windows 10 for free, although you can purchase Windows 7 with the product key, install it and then upgrade to Windows 10 as long as your system meets the requirements for windows 7 and 10. I have seen Windows 7 for $40. Yes, it’s a long process but certainly worth the benefits of Windows 10.”

windows 7

What a great idea Dave!  If you can find a deal on Windows 7 and have the time and patience to install Windows 7, perform all the updates and then upgrade to Windows 10, you could save quite a bit of money. The real catch there is how much is your time worth? If we do this all at once, we’re looking at an all-day deal. My only caution is to make sure that copy of Windows 7 is a genuine copy.

~ Cynthia