Think you might be missing out on some Facebook messages? It happens more than you might think due to message filtering.

Usually if you have a message, you’ll see a notification either on your Messenger app like this:


This is what you see on your Facebook page if you’re using a browser.


Open your messages and you’ll see your recent exchanges.


You also see “message requests.” These are messages from people you aren’t friends with on Facebook. On a browser, it will look like this:


With the faint gray text, it could be easy to miss. On the Mesenger app, it will look like this:


When you look in Message Requests you’ll also see the Filtered Requests option.


Here’s what you’ll see in the Messenger App.


Click it and you may find a whole lot of messages you didn’t know you’d missed.


Many of them will be spam, but you may find something from someone you want to hear from. I came across a couple of message from people I’m in a writing group with. Or you could be like my friend Kristi who works as a news anchor. Someone sent her a photo of himself only wearing a guitar.

~ Cynthia