I recently told you that the most recent update to Google Chrome means that the browser won’t support Windows Vista (or Windows XP or older versions of Mac OS X). Now, Eddie wants to know what he should do. He writes:  “I have Windows Vista, now that chrome isn’t updated do I have to buy a new PC or change my browser…….I’m confused…..”


You certainly don’t have to buy a new PC. (not yet, at least)  You can switch over to another browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer.  Make sure you are using Internet Explorer 9, though. As long as you have SP2 installed in Vista, IE 9 will be supported through next April.

That deadline brings up an important point: the countdown for the end of Vista security support by Microsoft has begun. The operating system will only be supported through April 11 of 2017.

At that point, you’ll either need to install a supported OS on your PC. (Windows 7 and above or Linux) or buy a new computer.

~ Cynthia