Need to send a link, but can’t sign into either your e-mail or a social network? Sayable offers a fun way to share the link between devices or computers that doesn’t require your e-mail address or having you login to a social network.

This is great for me at work where some website are blocked. If you click the What is This? button, a description of how it works will pop up.

Basically, you copy and then paste in the link you want to share and it generates three words.  You then use those three words to retrieve the link you want to view.

For example, when I pasted in an address it generated three words: faith goat bat. When I type them back into the text field it directs me to the link I pasted in. How cool is that?

This is great way to share links easily between devices. It’s made transferring cool links from my phone to the computer really easy.

Go check it out for yourself today!