How To Create A Gmail Signature

An email signature is a useful way to attach your name and a salutation at the end of every email. In your email signature, you can also include links to your website or your phone number. A signature makes signing off an email simple and quick, but it also includes further contact information.

In this article, you will learn how to create your own Gmail signature. This will be unique to you, and you can personalize it in any way you like! Let’s begin!

1. Firstly, open your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. These can be opened through the Start Menu, Taskbar or from your Desktop. In this tutorial, I will open Google Chrome from my Desktop.


2. Then, log into your Gmail account by typing into your address bar and then log in using your password.

3. You will arrive in your Inbox. Click on the Settings button which looks like a wheel and is in the top right corner. Then, a small menu will pop up. Click on “Settings” which is halfway down the list.


4. A menu box will open up. Scroll down to the Signature section.

There, you will find a small text box. This can be used for your email signature, which you will be typing into.

Select the little radio button that is beside the text box (directly underneath “No Signature”), or else click your mouse on the text box. That way, you can start typing out your signature.


An example Gmail signature could look like this:

Yours Sincerely,
Your Name.
Job Position:

5. Once you are done typing out your email signature, you can also start personalizing the signature with different fonts and typefaces. You can select the font from the drop-down box called “Sans Serif”. There are a variety of fonts here including Comic Sans, Georgia and Trebuchet.


You can try putting your name in bold. To do this, click on the B button which is in the menu bar above the text box (shown in the image below).

You can also include bullet points and numbered lists, too.


You can also use italics and underlining. These would be good for your name, but underlining looks like hyperlinking so you should avoid that. Italics could be used for your sign off, and it would help separate your sign-off from the content of the email itself.

If you’re interested in changing the font colors, that is possible also. Simply click on the large A with the line underneath it.


As you can see from this tutorial, it’s quick and straightforward to create your own Gmail signature. This will help you avoid signing off every time, will speed things up incredibly and will always be there, whenever you write a new email. This makes writing emails that bit easier.

~ Silvia

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