Internet Explorer is stepping up its game to prevent browser hijacking by adding a feature that’s already part of the Microsoft Edge browser.

Many of you have had the experience of opening your browser and finding that your homepage or default search engine has changed. This is usually because you’ve downloaded something that came with a sneaky stowaway that later hijacked your browser and your search engine.

Removing these items is a royal pain. You have to not only delete sneaky toolbars from your add-ons but also reset your default search providers and your homepage. Seriously, fixing this mess can take HOURS!

I opened up Internet Explorer on Monday and saw this pop-up.

IE stop browser switch

Internet Explorer wanted confirmation that my choices for a homepage and a search engine were what I wanted them to be. From this point forward, Internet Explorer will not allow a third-party program to change these settings. This can effectively end a lot of browser hijacking. That certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be very careful when downloading, but it’s good news.

~ Cynthia