Windows 10 – Add Or Remove Folders From The Start Menu

While many of you are glad to see the return of the Start Menu in Windows 10, some of you have complained that it doesn’t display folders like it did in Windows 7. Well, I’ve got good news for you. The Windows 10 Start Menu is highly customizable.  Last week, I showed you how to give the Start Menu the look you want.  In this tip, we’ll learn how to add folders to the Start menu.

Take a look at my Start Menu in Windows 7.  You’ll notice shortcuts to documents, photos, music and other folders.


Now check out my Windows 10 Start Menu. You’ll see no shortcuts to any of those files.


But that’s super-simple to change. Just click or tap the Settings icon.


Then pick Personalization.


Choose Start


Scroll down on the right side to the very bottom. Click or tap Choose which folders appear on Start.


A window will open that allows you to select a wide range of folders just by sliding the on/off button.

windows 10-start-menu-folder-options

You can choose to display Documents, Pictures, Downloads, Videos, Music, and more.

windows 10-start-menu-toggle-switch

You’ll also see a few options you may not need like HomeGroup, which you will only need if you have a HomeGroup set up. Network and Personal Folder will likely only come into play in a workplace setting.


Now check out what my Start Menu looks like with these folders turned on.


Remember, you can customize it to show one or two folders or show them all, depending on your needs.

~ Cynthia

0 thoughts on “Windows 10 – Add Or Remove Folders From The Start Menu

  1. can I up grade my vista system on my laptop to the new 10. I don’t want to update my work computer to 10 as I will have to buy all new programs. As I have read that they are not compatable with 10. There is a pop up on my work computer all of the time. Thank you for any help.

  2. Thank you so much for this recent tip–have been HATING Windows 10 since it replaced Windows 7 on my computer and it has been a slow learning curve for me finding various things on Windows 10-especially missed not having those extra folders plainly visible-Now at least there is something that is more familiar to me from my former Windows 7 desktop

  3. This tells me that Microsoft is paying attention better to what their users say and do. In the past those folders were shown by default but now they are not. I suspect most people never used them and/or set them not to display and that is the reason the default was changed. I alays turned them off.

    Thanks for another well written tip.

  4. how to eliminate the password on windows 10, start up, so that it can be used by wife and mistake i hit the incooect key in my outlook mail when they asked me for a password,not knowing they (microsoft) meant it to be alog in password it,s a big pain to keep typing a password each time i open and close the laptop. can you help me thank you mario

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