After decades as the #1 browser, Internet Explorer has finally dipped to #2. But not by much. New stats from NetMarketShare show that Chrome is now the favorite browser of those surfing the web – attracting 41.67% of users.  Internet Explorer is not far behind with an estimated 41.37% of all users.  Some of the drop-off in Internet Explorer use can be attributed to users accessing the Internet with the Windows 10 Edge browser, though that browser hasn’t had a significant impact yet.


The real loser in the browser game is Firefox.  Mozilla’s browser had dropped down to only a 9.6% share.  Just five years ago, Firefox had nearly 20% of the market.

What browser do you use most often?  Let us know on the comments. Myself, I use Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer on a daily basis. I find each works better for certain tasks.

~ Cynthia