Windows 10 has some great options for managing your storage.  Not only can you see how much space you’re using on the hard drive, but you can also see what’s taking up space. Let’s take a look at the options. First, select Settings from the Start Menu.


Then choose System.


Choose Storage.


A screen will open showing how much space you’re using.


This is also where you can see the default save locations for different types of files on your PC.


Click or tap on “This PC” and you’ll see a much more detailed view of storage. You can tell how much space items like Apps, Documents, and Pictures take up on your device.


You can also manage your files from here. If I tap or click on Pictures, the option to View pictures will appear. Click on that and file explorer will open, allowing you to see, arrange, move or delete images.


If I choose Apps & games, I’ll see a list of installed apps.


Tap or click on an app and you’ll see the option to move or uninstall the app. (That’s not available for all apps. Some are built into Windows 10 and can’t be changed.)


Tap System & Reserved and you’ll get a closer look at System files and Virtual memory.


This feature is great for helping you get a quick overview of your storage. Check it out.

~ Cynthia