I heard from a pretty unhappy Yahoo e-mail user: “Yahoo e-mail sucks. Why can’t I access my address book to edit names and store other info? Why can’t I print my address book? You took something that worked perfectly well for years and then you trashed it. You guys could *%$! up a train wreck! Ever since Marissa Mayer was brought in, Yahoo sucks.”

Let’s take a look at Yahoo e-mail. You can find your contacts by clicking on the icon that looks like an address book in the top left corner.


Your contacts should then appear.


To edit a contact, just select one from the list and choose Edit Details at the top.


You can then change the information and hit Save when finished.


To print contacts select contacts by checking the box beside them or tick the box at the top of the list. Then click the Actions menu.


Then choose “Print all” from the drop-down menu.


If you aren’t seeing these options, there could be a couple of reasons.  What version of your browser are you using? Make sure you’ve updated to IE 11 or the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.  If you’ve already updated, try clearing your browser’s cache or try opening Yahoo in a different browser.

All of the options you want are available. The issue may just be something with your browser.

~ Cynthia