Elizabeth from Huntsville AL writes: “I see lots of questions about Windows 10 users not being able to download photos From their iPads to their Windows 10 desktops. Is there an answer to their being Unsuccessful? Are there any ways to successfully transfer iPad photos?

There are several ways to transfer photos that are on an iPad or iPhone to a Windows computer. The easiest method is to use online storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, to mention just three popular ones. They are all free.

No matter which one you use, the method is the same. Install the app on the computer, install the app on the iPad (it works for iPhones too), and then use the app to upload photos to the online storage. The apps on the computer automatically download the photos to the PC’s disk drive.

If you use OneDrive then there is nothing to install on a Windows 10 or 8.1 computer because it is built in. Windows 7 users will need to install the app from onedrive.com

On the iPad (or iPhone), go to the App Store and enter OneDrive into the search box at the top.

1Search for Microsoft OneDrive in the iOS App Store

Tap the Get button next to Microsoft OneDrive in the search results to download and install the free app.

Install the Microsoft OneDrive app on your iPad or iPhone

Find and open the OneDrive app on the iPad and enter your Microsoft ID, such as your Outlook.com email address, Xbox Live account, Windows Phone or other Microsoft service.

Sign in to the Microsoft OneDrive app on the iPad or iPhone

The first time you use the app it may ask if you want to turn on Camera Upload to save your photos to OneDrive automatically. Accept this and every time you take a photo it is automatically uploaded to your OneDrive storage space.

This feature can be turned on or off at any time.Press Photos at the bottom of the screen and at the top is Camera Upload. Tap Turn on.

Set photos to upload to OneDrive automatically on the iPhone or iPad

Press Files at the bottom of the screen and photos can be uploaded manually by tapping the plus button in the top right corner. Press Choose Existing.

Upload photos from the iPhone or iPad to OneDrive

Open the Camera Roll and tap photos to select them. Tap Done and the images are uploaded to OneDrive. A minute or two later they appear on the PC’s disk drive in the OneDrive folder.

Select photos to upload to OneDrive on the iPad or iPhone

On your PC, open Explorer, select OneDrive in the left panel and open Pictures. Photos automatically uploaded are in the Camera Roll folder, but if you manually upload photos they are in whatever folder you selected, such as Pictures.

File Explorer in Windows 10 browsing the Pictures folder in OneDrive

It is easy to fill the 5GB of free space on OneDrive, but the space available can be increased if you run short. Go to onedrive.com and click Upgrade at the bottom of the left panel.

You can get 50GB of space for a small fee each month, but for a bit more you can get Microsoft Office and 1TB of OneDrive storage space, which is sufficient for thousands of photos.

~ Roland